Decoration ideas for a colourful interior

It is in the heart of the Liège countryside that Catherine, who is passionate about knitting, opened the doors of her colourful interior to the modern and communicative creative energy.

Decorate a family home in your own image

A house project can take shape in many different, everything can be summed up in a few key words: light, nature, calm and is on these four pillars that Catherine and her husband imagined their family home.the initial plan entrusted to the architect: a concrete structure illuminated by large bay windows.

“Architecture is a turn of mind.” Le Corbusier…

Then comes the time to furnish the ensemble with second-hand vintage furniture, antique objects and Scandinavian design pieces, but what is most striking is the passion for colour, which is reflected in the choice of objects, ceramics, carpets, handmade textiles and antiques. So many eclectic favourites that reveal the diversity of the mistress of the house’s tastes and form a warm ensemble.

A space bathed in light with an open central staircase and a functional layout conducive to exchanges, everything is brought together here to create a convivial harmony.

We fall for this emblematic wallpaper, signed Josef Frank, Swedish designer.

Thanks to these large bay windows, the interior and exterior are one and the luminosity is at the rendezvous in all seasons.

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